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Krakow for visitors

Guide for everyone who is visiting Krakow

Come and explore Ojcow National Park.
Ojcowski National ParkOjcow National Park is set in the close to Krakow vincinity, approximately 15 minutes away by car, inside the Jurrasic Krakow-Częstochowa . You will enjoy its surroundings in spite of the fact it belongs to one of the smallest Polish green parks.

The park's tremendous unurbanised scenery draws lots of tourists each season. You will also see there incredibly huge limestone rocks, for example the renowned “Hercules’ Budgeon’. Those who prefer caves' exploration or green areas may also encounter something interesting inside Ojcow National Park.

The reserve protects great deal of kinds of exceptional fauna representatives such like hawks, woodpeckers or kingfishers. Don’t forget to visit the wonderful Pieskowa Skala Castle while youcome to Ojcow National Park.

See Tatra mountains
TatrasForming the highest mountains along the Carpathian Mountains area, Tatras lie in the vicinity the Polish boundary line with Slovak Republic. They feature the highest mountain summits which are 2655 meters above sea level Gerlach at region of Slovakia and 2499 meters high Polish Rysy. The full range's length extends on 53 kilometers.

Lovers of winterseason activities in the open air who get to Zakopane town seldom forget about Tatra Mountains. Lovers of winter sports who run to Zakopane district rarely forget about Tatra Mountains. The holiday resort offers the pristine flora and fauna, fantastic terrains and also the ideal skiing and rock climbing facilities. What one can also decide to do in Tatra Mountains is cave's exploration, cycling, paragliding and plenty of different leisure time activities in the open air.

Don't miss the chance to come across wonderful water reservoir ‘Morskie Oko’ (‘Sea Eye’) as you’re in the neighborhood. Some other attraction in Tatra Mountains is Kasprowy Peak where you can rent a cable car and soak many marvellous views. Don’t hesitate and visit wild Tatra Mountains resort.

The reverend shrine of The Black Madonna of Częstochowa on Jasna Gora.
black madonna of czestochowa The sacred representation of the Saint Mary with immature Jesus Christ on Her breast is the most commonly blessed and also honoured icon among the Polish Catholics as well as the conservative religious persons. The picture is usually regarded as the national sign of Republic of Poland.

It has a long chronicle, till presentnot exactly cleared, however Saint Luke is considered to have made this representation that he created on the piece of furniture from the house of the Holy Family. Another story looks back on the Pauline monks stemming from Hungary who in all likelihood carried the picture in 1382 to the Monastery.

The Black Madonna is often attributedwith having miraculous. The Saint Mary saved the Monastery at the time of the Swedish incursion in the XXVII century what changed the future of the war. As the tales and stories tell the Our Lady of Czestochowa saved the church from getting ruined by the big burning. Now the Saint Mary is usually called the Queen and Guardian of Poland.

The marvelous Jasna Gora Monastery in Częstochowa.
czestochowa sanctuaryThis holy monks' shelter is frequently regarded as the Polish capital of pilgrimages. Each single year it is entered by the great deal of followers who arrive to beg the Saint Mary for Her graces. What's essential is the fact that Saint Mary's sacred painting on Jasna Góra is trusted to own some inexplicable miraculous power.

Her name is the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. The cloister was set in the historic period, in 1382 by the group of monks coming from Hungary. Two years after the picture of Saint Mary with young Jesus Christ was imported from Russia. From that time on it got commonly known among the monks but also the plunderers.

Till now it is commonly praised that the Saint Mary guided to force the Swedish enemy back during its invasion on Jasna Gora Monastery during the XXVII century. This historic, symbolic setting makes the Jasna Góra Monastery widely respected and honoured among Catholics.

Katowice Pyrzowice airport
airport pyrzowice Pyrzowice is a regional airport that in terms of numbers of passengers is third in the country. The airport is located close to the town named Pyrzowice, about thirty km to the Katowice’s city centre. 3,6mln passengers per year can use two terminals. In 2003 the airport became a business partner of the cheap airlines. Thanks to that, the number of international connections has increased diametrically.

There are 2 really positive facts about Pyrzowice airport – it’s got the most charter flights in Poland and, at the same time, it is the fastest improving airport in the country. The most flights are dominated by the Hungarian company – Wizz Air. The are trying to increase the standard of its connections by providing transfers from Katowice airport to Krakow for various cities in the country.

A direct connection between Katowice and Pyrzowice is probably the most significant development.The whole transport in the region can improve thank to this 24km railway.

Wieliczka - the most famed registered mark in Poland.
salt mine in wieliczkaIt is a well-known place of inheritance to several generations of mining engineers and their families.
It is beyond all doubt that Wieliczka Salt Mine has aid importantly to enhance Polish economy. Moreover – Wieliczka is described as the oldest Polish brand. The mine was the first company that put a label on their manufactures. Employees put the label on the whitest, clear as ice table salt which was designed for the kings. The predestination of the product was the cause of marking the barrels with the sign of the Royal Eagle. The coats didn’t modify since the medieval times – that is an excellent example of reserving tradition and taking care of the quality and solidity of the firm.

Being a symbol of tradition and national polish economy, Wieliczka Salt Mine is without doubt one of the most supreme example of country’s national pride. Even though now it is mainly a tourist destination, the mine is also a place involved in art. Astonishing subterranean city is a host to various cultural happenings such as displays and concerts. To sum up, most famous Polish salt mine is also a structure where visitors have possibility to become acquainted with all the stages of mining progress.

Saltworks Wieliczka museum: follow the excavation past times.
the wieliczka salt mineCould you imagine the most immense exhibition of excavation among Europe? One of them will be occurs in the vicinity of the Krakowian district inside Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was established in 1951 what is more it is located inside the non-active location of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

viewing the collection one surely would see the entire history of mining – the development of mining engineering, manufacture as well as of the Wieliczka district. Currently one may follow two permanent expositions: the belowground one and the above – ground one.

One of them, which makes up the the giant subsurface museumin Europe, is situated 135m below the ground. The the second one is placed inside the magnificent old Saltworks Castle. Such great, historical surroundings make the museum even more attractive.
Have a tour along this huge museum and have a look on the long, interesting history of Polish mining!

Want to discover salt mine? Check out comprehensive Wieliczka salt mine tour.

Go through the daily experience of the victims in collections of Auschwitz Birkenau.
auschwitz birkenau concentration campIf you come to the huge past extermination camp in Auschwitz Birkenau museum and memorial you would be shown plenty of evidence of the sad suffering happening there. They all tell the sad record of living and distress inside the concentration camp.

In the exhibition, you would observe the large quantity of private tokens owned by the imprisoned including kinds of clothes sanitary objects, diaries as well as many others. The belongins portraying the victims' decisiveness to preserve humanity and also sensitivity are exposed, as well.

Look for them in the diaries, pictures and a good deal of different interesting hints. Many personal belongings of SS group are also demonstrated in the exposition. Let’s get to this collection in the Auschwitz-Birkenau and receive a broader perception of the severeness of surviving inside the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Staying in Krakow and wish to visit Auschwitz? Reserve only personal trips and travel conveniently.

Unforgettable river adventure on Dunajec river rafting
dunajec riverDunajec is one of the most fascinating rivers, located on the south of Poland. Breaking through Pieniny Mountains, it creates a amazing setting between the village Sromowce Wyżne and Szczawnica town. It also divides Poland from Slovakia. Impressive landscapes of Pieniny Mountains are not seldom while rafting on the Dunajec River

The Dunajec River Rafting is an unforgettable experience covering both pleasant sailing and close touch with unmoved, unbroken flora and fauna.
As local tales inform, the first Polish monarch, Bolesław Chrobry, chopped the mouth of the Dunajec River with his sword. Numerous legends and stories make this place even more mysterious and attractive for tourism.

Once you are in Poland don't forget to experience the Dunajec River Rafting! Enjoy 2-3 hours fun rafting on 23 km distance.

Wieliczka - the Subterranean Salt Cathedral of Poland
wieliczka salt mineProbably every inhabitant of Poland associate that monument. The visitors come there in large numbers from dozens of various provinces and countries. Not only a significant antiquity but also UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1978. Most people very likely solve which monument is mentioned here. Obviously, it may not be nothing but Salt Mine Wieliczka. The spot is located not so far from to one of the largest city in Poland - KraKow, in the southern part of the country.

The noteworthy fact about Wieliczka Salt Mine is that the object placed close to a little little town, village under the same name has opened in the 13th century. Furthermore, Wieliczka Salt Mine is believed to be the most aged structure of such type on the globe and the oldest company from the 13th century which is still working. At present the mine join both rich tradition and up-to-dateness.

Tourists coming to Wieliczka have occasion to become familiar with the activity of extracting table salt and get to know better a spacious subterranean undertaking. Wieliczka Salt Mine is also essential for people who have worked there and their relatives.

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